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Where is your office located?

We are excited to offer our unmatched pediatric occupational therapy services at our new Spring Lake office on Savidge Street. Our clinic is within "On The Path Yoga" and right next door to "Dance Revolutions". 

We also provide in-person services to families in West Michigan up to 20 minutes from Spring LakeWe come to YOU and provide in-home services in a number of cities along the lakeshore, including: Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Norton Shores, Muskegon, North Muskegon, and Coopersville. Please get in touch with us to see if you are a good fit for in-person or teletherapy occupational therapy. Whether in-person or via teletherapy, home-based services allow children to be treated in their natural environment and encourage family collaboration.

**We offer teletherapy services to the entire state of Michigan, as well as for families in the states of: Vermont, Florida, and Illinois.

Do you accept insurance?

We are now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Priority Health PPO and HMO insurance plans. We are also certified with Tricare as a non-network provider.

For the purpose of filing insurance claims, we are considered out-of-network with all other insurances. You are ultimately responsible for total payment of services rendered regardless of insurance payment. However, all documentation and statements are done so in a manner that will provide the greatest opportunity for reimbursement if you submit claims to your preferred insurance provider.


If you are planning to submit to insurance, you will need to obtain a prescription from your physician with an appropriate ICD-10 code. This diagnostic code can be added to a SuperBill for you to submit to your insurance provider. SuperBills have been highly successful in securing reimbursement for families. Please reach out for more information regarding our rates, Superbills, and questions to ask your insurance provider.

What are the benefits of going with an Out-of-Network provider?

With the exception of BCBS and Priority Health, we are an out-of-network provider. As a small private practice, Sensational Steps Therapy has made the conscious decision to develop a practice that is more focused upon the children and families that we serve without the frustrations, time commitment, and constraints that go along with billing multiple insurance companies. We want the decisions we make about your child's therapy services to be made in collaboration with YOU and not directed by an insurance company.

Without insurance dictating OT services, we are able to be extremely flexible regarding: location, number of visits and frequency, treatment approaches and goals, and more. 

Many families may also discover that an out-of-network provider can be more affordable than an in-network provider once you consider high deductibles, significantly higher therapy costs, and other hoops that insurance can often make you jump through.

Does OT require a referral or prescription?

No, they are not necessary to see an occupational therapist. However, you will likely receive limited to no reimbursement from insurance without an OT prescription and proper ICD-10 treatment diagnosis.

Talk with your child's physician. Express your concerns and interest in occupational therapy services to promote greater success and independence in his/her everyday life. Request that a prescription is written for an Occupational Therapy evaluation, as well as OT services 1x a week for 60 minute sessions. If you wish to submit claims to insurance, you will also need the prescription to include a proper medical diagnostic code.

Need additional assistance? We would be happy to fax a prescription request to get the ball rolling. Please contact the office.

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