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Contract Opportunities

Sensational Steps Therapy offers unparalleled services to outside contracts within the state of Michigan. If your facility/school, or an agency you work with, is currently in need of Occupational Therapy services, please let us know how we can assist you. We welcome both short-term and long-term assignments. In-person services are offered within West Michigan, while hipaa-compliant virtual OT is available for the entire state of Michigan.

  • Public School District

  • Private Schools

  • Daycare Facilities

  • Charter Schools

  • Preschool Programs

  • Extended Care Facilities

Contract Opportunities: About

School Services

Individualized Student Therapy

Group Therapy (i.g. Handwriting, Social Skills, Sensory-Motor)

Comprehensive Screenings and Evaluations

Teacher Education and In-Services

IEP/504 Support

Teletherapy/Virtual OT

Contract Opportunities: Projects

An Occupational Therapist’s role is to assist individuals in performing “occupations” with the greatest level of independence possible. Childhood occupations include playing with friends and learning in school. For this reason, Occupational Therapy support within the school is truly vital for the growth and success of many students.

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