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Our Story

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Floortime Atlanta


Ferrysburg Clinic Beginnings


How we started...

Sensational Steps Therapy was founded in June of 2011 by Kaylie Stearns shortly after graduating with her degree in Occupational Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. Sensational Steps started as a specialty OT practice, offering Sensory Integration and Floortime in Atlanta, Georgia. During her time in Atlanta, Kaylie sought certification in Sensory Integration from USC/WPS and was active in the Sensory Integration Network of Georgia. She also received years of DIRFloortime® mentorship from ICDL faculty at Floortime Atlanta. She worked up to her Intermediate Level provider certificate.


Eventually, Kaylie moved to Grand Haven, Michigan to raise her family and brought Sensational Steps Therapy along with her. Ayres Sensory Integration® and Stanley Greenspan's DIRFloortime® continued to be at the heart of her practice, ensuring treatment was always respectful, individualized, intrinsically motivating, collaborative, and (of course) fun.


As the need in West Michigan grew, Sensational Steps grew right along with it. They opened their main office location in Ferrysburg in 2022 and quickly added additional clinic services and therapy specialists, which allowed families to receive high-quality OT, speech, and feeding in one place. Exactly one year later, they opened a second location in Kentwood to serve the city of Grand Rapids.

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